Hi End Audio stores in Toronto

Can someone email me a list of Hi end audio stores in Toronto? The internet is hard to search and it seems toronto audio store list doesn't cut it.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Alternative Audio (Dundas)
Audio Excellence

There are some others but these have a good balance of service and selection
Toronto Home of the Audiophile
American Sound
Audio One
Ovation Audio (Aurora - N of Toronto)
Executive Stereo
For all things analog:

My Kind of Music

John knows how to set up turntable perfectly, is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. No pressure for buying either. His systems are all optimized and nicely set-up.

Also, some interesting items can be found here:

Applause Audio
Audio Oasis

And there is Audio Eden, who mostly sells out of his house at usually good prices:

Audio Eden

Of course you should have a look at CAM as well:

Canuck Audio Mart

With best wishes from Toronto!
Anyone intending to deal with My Kind of Music should be aware of a thread on Audio Asylum.
My bad, ark audio is on AB..try executivestereo.com
they are really nice people to deal with.
Planet Of Sound on Queen St. East would be worth checking out, they have quite a few lines that you might not see as much--Audiolab, Heed, Harbeth, Kuzma etc. Pretty sure their website is www.planetofsound.com
I have read with interest through the years as a few other members wrote to give kudos to an Audio dealer they felt really helped them. Well, I recently posted about getting back into vinyl..and some trouble with a tone arm that came with my table. A local Audio shop swore up and down that the arm was faulty; the table worn blah blah..un-fixable they said, which is fine, they tried their best, no problem with that at all. I persevered though and brought it to a Toronto shop, almost out of desperation....My Kind of Music is the name of the shop. In a word, wow....the owner, John, was just tremendous to work with. Literally, I felt he treated the table more like it was his own rather than mine. The depth of explanations about turntables, and amplification was uncanny. We sat, we listened to music, talked components, he was never hurried or in 'selling' mode, just affable and extremely relaxed....the ambiance was more like visiting a friend. I left the table with him Friday evening, by Saturday afternoon, table was running fine...he verified its age, 5 years old...nothing wrong with the tonearm..it sounded wonderful and I am glad I made the trek back into vinyl. He went far beyond anything I have experienced in my 25 years into this hobby. Great to see such passion, I left with far more knowledge than I entered with, a fully working table/tone arm.. perspectives on good sound, synergy etc...great experience and I would unequivocally check out the shop if you are close by or need to check out some amazing gear; or just want to talk audio.

Francis Romantini,
Toronto, Canada
Not a 'store' per se but for speakers , preamps , amps and cables you can call Israel at Coincident Speaker Technologies at 905-660-0800 .