Hi, does anybody own the new tyler acoustics D10's

I'm interested in buying these speakers but I was hoping for some feedback from D10 owners.I've owned B&W N804, N802,LEGACY FOCUS 20/20s
No, but I heard them a few weeks ago at Ty's business. He had them side by side with D2's so I was lucky to able to compare both. The D10's are extremely good and one of the best speakers I have heard. I like them better than his Woodmeres. The Woodmeres are fantastic and I have always admired what a big speaker can do and the dynamics they possess. To be honest, I have listened to the 804 and 802's at a local dealer here in Lexington and the D10's sound so much better. Personally I dont care for B&W because I think they sound dry and uninvolving. I just dont see what the fuss is and I am sorry if I offend any B&W owners. I dont say this because I know Ty and own his speakers but I have had the luxury of hearing his line of speakers thru the years and alot of his trade-ins for comparison. His new line to my ears do everything well. Bass, soundstaging, imaging, focus, transparency, extension, etc...I have not heard the Legacys but I dont think you can go wrong with the D10's. Oh almost forgot, I did hear his D20's which are not released yet :)
Thanks Samzx12,

I appreciate your feedback my first choice was the D20':However, I am considering to purchase the top of the line instead. How do the D20's sound compared to the D10's?

My plan is to attend the show in Vegas next year so that I can listen for my self:However, your feedback would be helpful thank you.
I didn't get to hear them for too long but as one would think the bass went a little deeper. Personally I think you would be more than satisfied with the D10's. They were side by side with the D2's and while the D2's sounded wonderful the D10's were in a different league as they should be. I really really liked the D10's.
I've had mine for five months now and they are finally broken-in.Ty suggests at least 200+ hrs. for them to settle in.They do require a fairley large room to do them justice.As far as how they sound,in one word,spectacular.Bass is tight and deep,mids are clean and clear and the highs are very extended without any glare or brightness.Overall a very musical speaker providing the rest of your gear is up to the task as they are quite revealing and true to the source.IMHO you won't a better performer for that kind of money.Hope this helps.
Hi. I saw your post regarding Tylers speakers a few weeks ago and noticed that you are one of the few people that has actually some of his Decade line. I would ask you to compare the D2's to the D1's if you are willing. I am upgrading from the D2's to the D1's and would be interested in your comparisons. If it is any help, I recently changed my electronics from the Bel Canto Integrated (150X 2 into 8) to the Bel Canto Ref 500s (stereo amp 250 X 2 into 8) and the Jeff Rowland Capri pre amp. I noticed that the sen on the D2's is 88 and the D1's is 90. I would think I have enough headroom with the electronics to be pretty good with the D1's. I am looking forward to getting the D1's so your thoughts are much appreciated. Have a good day. Stephen
I emailed you offline.
Could anyone provide a description and or some photos of the D 20s? I am just curious. Any more information about the D 10s would be great as well. Thanks Scottsrmnyc
Email Ty and I am sure he can provide some.
I too am very interested in these D10s and D20s myself. Ty is a great person to deal with though I have yet to own any of his speakers I have followed his products and read many great things about his products for the last 10 or so years.

Here is a link to his listing on here for the D20s

Hi there, I just purchased a pair of D10's with 1000W powered drivers a special order from Tyler Acoustics, this is the first pair ordered with the powered 10" drivers.They are due to arrive within a week.After breakin I will post some comments.
Got it yet?
Mine were delivered today personally to Connecticut by Ty -who could ask for better service? - and they sound great right out of the box. 5 hours on them only, but they already sound extraordinary: great ballance, huge bass, imaging and soundstaging, resolution all there already, only, I'm sure to improve. They show the promise of being trly great speakers. More to come. Just for the record: Ty Lashbrook is truly one of the stars of the audio world and I would rather buy speakers from him than any other speaker manufacturer, and believe you me, I've had enough speakers and met enough speaker makers in my old age. He is the best.
My D10s have arrived and are being played 24/7. The powered 10" drivers are unbelievable. Tight Tight bone crushing bass. The highs are just starting to smooth out along with the mids.Its nice to have the powered drivers, very flexiable.I will post more info after another 100 hrs.
How are your D10's breaking in? I recently acquired D1's and have 400+ hours on them and they keep getting better.