Hi Def In LA/ What Happened?

Missed Mon.nite football in Hi Def. We've lost CBS,NBC, and ABC Hi Def stations. WBN/(5) just started /Fox is still also in hi def. Anybody know what happened?

I use an over the air antenna;the picture is better than anything from Direct's 199 or 509. Anybody have a clue??
Well, I'm answering my own question here. I went to AVS forum.com. Somebody there knew. In LA for local channels here is where they are:(for those with hd tuners): 2* is on 60-1/ --4* is 36--/5* is 5-2 or 31 (both) /--7* is 53 /-- 9* is 43-1(Go Lakers) 11* is 11-1 /--13* is 21. Go Dodgers when the season starts. My recommendation; anyone with a Hd, TV-- Get an over the air tuner. Direct is barely worth the $$. (Special dish,installation) a demo channel 199 ( They do have a hockey game most nites tho)-- Then they do a PPV movie for 4.99. Then we have HBO 509. Free if you already subscribe.The OTA programming and movies-- even WITH the commercials-- free ! and worth the price of the receiver. Makes our DVDs look bad!! No Lie!!
There was a rain storm that week in LA and I too lost couple of my HD channel receptions. What you and me need is a strong UHF antenna. I have done some researchs and Channel Master carries a UHF antenna only model 4248 together with a pre-amplifier model 7775 and this will take care of this problem.