Hi, Dear all. Here's a question of berkeley dac

I'm a user of alpha dac, I'd like to know if the voltage can be adjust from 115 to 230 from the inside button?
I've seen a little button inside which indicates the voltage.
Thx all
Why not contact them directly?

It is fully legal in accordance with Berkley approach in 2009 to change it, and buy where ever you wont, its described in their manual which can be downloaded on their home page as a PDF file, the fuse must be changed to 250mA from 500mA.

Berkley has later changed their attitudes (2011) as models in the future must be purchased at there home county, before there were no reservations to where you bought it.

Berkeley Dac can not be sold by dealers in Europe (in 2009) because the product is not RoHS-approved (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) Lead in solders, but can be purchased from dealer around Europe, the new USB is RoHS approved.

The fuse has a great impact on the sound quality HIFI turning fuse silver recommend for the USB box day and night differers.