hi anbody have a wood record mat ?

someone has one sale  cant find out to much about it. never saw one. are they any good?  thank you.
Just get a cork mat - it comes from a tree! Several sellers on the Bay have them! I will eventually buy one to try out! 
Actually most cork is a composite of crushed up bits of cork and some kind of glue/stabilizer. Gag me with a spoon. 🤮 Now, if the cork is pure natural cork, which it almost certainly isn’t, then I’d be on board. I use cork for a lot of damping tasks but I only use pure natural cork.
Had a cork mat once.  I was not impressed.
geoffkait, what? are you one of those organic guys?
Agree with @fixedincome. Soggy mats are no good. Neither are graphite ones as they too are soggy. Rubber sounds rubbery. 
That would kill your sound big time.One of the best mats is the TW Acoustic its not cheap though($500.00).
I use 1" graphite over massive cast iron. Like Nottingham Analogue. Sounds neutral - certainly not ’soggy’. That said, it's extremely fine grain graphite - note that there are several grades. Maybe coarse graphite does sound soggy, for all I know.
I originally had a felt mat. Great if you like static electricity.
Tried a cork mat left over from a U-Turn audio turntable I had. (You can buy one from them FYI). Meh. 
I tried the Hudson Hifi acrylic mat. Has an indent for the label. That’s good. But no accounting for the thicker lead in edge of the record. Gone. 

Now I have the Herbie’s Way Excellent II Turntable Mat. https://herbiesaudiolab.com/collections/turntable-mats/products/way-excellent-ii-turntable-mat?varia...
It checks all the boxes. Has room for the record lead in edge. Great mat. Highly recommended and tried it based on someone else’s recommendation in this forum. 
The poor OP asked about a WOODEN record mat and so far I see not one relevant response.(Cork is not what he meant.) I’ve never seen or heard of a solid wood mat but it’s an interesting idea. Is there even a commercially made example? Perhaps the OP can say exactly what product he’s considering. If one wanted to go that way, the next endless question would be: what kind of wood? That subject alone should engender at least 100 responses.
Wood per se would almost certainly make a very poor mat due it’s tendency to warp. What’s really required is to go to the root cause - the platter - and figure out how to damp it, no? We already know how to isolate it. The platter is analogous to the CD, which also vibrates and causes errors, even when the CD player is isolated.
In response to Lew ...thank you for being supportive of my question about using a wood mat.
I actually found a 12" round wood disk that I experimented with and drilled a hole to make it usable as a mat.
The highs are better and clearer. The base is tight. 
Due to my curiosity, I wonder if anyone else experienced this.
Wood disk mat I placed on metal platter. Technics SL 1600.
I have an all wood platter (does that count) and do not use a mat of any kind.  I like my Teres as-is.  Warping is not a concern due to the Teres construction method.
Several times I had the opportunity to hear wonderful presentations
of wooden-platter turntables made by www.holz-akustik.de

Very natural and focussed sound. I guess they were presented
at the HighEnd in Munich this month as well.
did you engineer a central depression to allow for the label area? What species of wood? Geoff’s point about warpage is a good one.
Wooden mat is a nonsense, this is the worst material for a mat and nobody use a wooden mat. The wood constantly change it’s properties depends on the temperature/season. If it’s one piece of wood (not a composit layers) this is the worst scenario ever!

It might be cool mat only under a teapod it in the kitchen

Instead of worrying so much about the mat in case of improvement, it’s better to buy a decent cartridge first and improvement will be huge even on felt or stock rubber mat.

I think at least 10 different mats have been offered to the OP in another thread, but as usual he started with something else.