HHB "BurnIt" vs. Sony CDR-W33? Any experience??


I have read all of the archived info here and at AA, but I didn't really find any direct comparisons between the two models. Does anyone have any specific experience with both models, or either model?

I plan on using it for some mixed CDs and for digital mixdowns(not pro), but the majority of use will probably be transferring LPs to CD.

I've heard that the 24-bit SBM process is great for analog to digital. That makes me lean towards the Sony, but I don't know...I never had a huge amount of luck with Sony products (though most were lower priced). My lack of trust in the Sony brand name makes me lean toward the HHB, but is its analog to digital processing as good as the Sony SBM process?

Thanks for any and all info.

I own the Sony and have been happy enough with it. Copies are good quality. Playback is lacklustre, but that isn't why its in my system, and, for its pricepoint, is no worse than you'd expect. It isn't built like a tank, but I do think build quality is very good for its price point. No balanced connectors, if that matters to you--I believe those are in the next model up. All in, I think it offers good value for money, though I am glad I don't need to rely on it for playback.
See my post on the HHB in the digital forum from a few days back (vs. Marantz CDR-500). One of the respondents talked about the Sony machines. Good luck.
Sony professional units are excellent performers. You won't go wrong with either unit, at this price point. (More money buys you a better converter. However, at this price if you are looking to do A to D I would lean towards the Sony with SBM.