HGP Speaker ?

Anybody heard about them ?

Just like some opinions from those who had used them.

I owned the HGP Lyra SoNova for about a year. It is an older design from HGP, but the replacement has just been announced (called the adora). There is an English website available under
I eventually sold the Lyra because I was not able to place them properly in my listening room. I am still convinced that it is capable of very high performance and is one of the speakers that does not sound that much like a "box" speaker. But I believe the additional rear firing tweeter did not work well with my slightly under damped room and plenty of tall glass surfaces.

I can't comment on the other HGP models.

I am quite interested in the CORDA² SuperTech. Looked beautiful, I had not listened to the sound yet. I only managed to listened to the lowest model DONA. Find that the sound is quite good.

Seems like this speaker is not popular at all. Nobody know about this brand ?
Hi Jeremy,

The Dona is as you said the entry model. It is good with small scale music in small rooms. The higher HGP models are more resolving and dynamic. The Corda2 I have not heard, but it has received good press here in Germany. Another one of interest is the line source 1983. I think it is something like an anniversary model and looks similar to the Corda2.

HGP is certainly not a high volume brand, even not here in Germany. The high volume manufacturers here are Elac and Canton. HGP does have a very good reputation though. As long as you can listen and compare to other options (there are just so many little speaker companies that are good). Outside of Germany I think nobody really knows HGP. There are some dealers in Hong Kong and Singapore if I recall correctly.