HGA Silverlace or Wireworld Polaris5 IC?

I am new to the hi-fi, and am trying to build my first system. I love the smoothness of the Dynaudio, and now I am making a decision between these 2 cables.
I recently just got the Wireworld Atlantis5 speaker cable and am now trying to burn them in...I notice that Atlantis5 has better soundstage and better mids. So I wonder if I should go with the Wireworld or the Silver Lace IC..? Please comments.

My system:

Myryad MI120 Intregrated amp
Arcam CD73T
Dynaudio 52SE
HGA SC-16 Hybrid Silver/Copper Speaker cable
Wireworld Atlantis5 speaker cable (just got them)
Audio Magic XStream power cord x2

Thank you