HGA Homegrown Audio Silver Lace. Opinions?

I've read positive comments about this cable on this site, but nothing very detailed. The most information I've gathered is that it is a silver cable that is not bright or thin, and doesn't have the thin bass some silver cable supposedly has.

There is some for sale on the site, and I wanted to hear what other people's experiences/thoughts are on the Silver Lace.

What does it compare to? What are its sonic characteristics?

Thanks for your input.
"Clean" and "transparent" are two words that come to mind. The Silver Lace is an excellent interconnect. Indeed, it remains just about the only interconnect that I've ever heard noticeably improve the sound (to my ears, anyway).

I wouldn't classify it as bright, but it does not attenuate the high frequencies, unlike some other cables.

If you're looking for a neutral, detailed cable, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

I own them they are very good to excellent. I don't think there is better "Bang for the buck" in a true pure silver cable.I find mine to be very detailed open and spacious but I can't afford the speaker cables. My spekers don't like silver anyway. I only have IC. In sum I highly recommend them if you want a silver sound .
I concur with the two prior comments. It is also a persistent myth that silver cables have thin bass or are bright. I'm sure some cables may sound that way but it is NOT because they are silver.