Heybrook TT2

Just curious what the group thinks about the Heybrook TT2 turntable. I believe they were somewhat popular in the mid 80's and most shipped with Linn tonearms. Any thoughts or comments???
cool table. condition would be extremely important.
I had one, wish I hadn't sold it. For the money it's a good table. It can be a bit bright, but that's tamed easily.
It received a very good Rating in issue 43 of HI FI Choice. "Pitch stability, rhythm and timing were all to a very good standard, while the bass was a strong point---compared well with far more expensive designs making only slight concessions in areas of detail and dynamics on the most complex material." They suggest the Rega 300 as a good arm. As Jaybo says condition is the critical factor, I don't know what the replacement parts situation is. I almost became a dealer and used one for a little while that a rep left with me and liked it.
Bought in 1984, I still have mine. I upgraded the subchasis early on with the cast aluminium TT2mk2 version. The first one was not level on top, so Heybrook warrantied it. BIG improvement over the steel Mk1 subchasis! Reliable operation, stays level.Good bass. I liked the fact that it has a mostly solid plinth, solid bearing and stiff subchasis. Use with Rega RB-300 arm and Audio Technica AT-F7. Love it!
Using my poor memory, I believe it was recommended for a time by Hi Fi Answers, until Systemdek turntables became the second choice after the LP 12.  So, it was considered highly.  If you can get some issues of that magazine, you might be able to find out more about the table.