"hey throat" from a live rock concert

I not only developed a raspy voice for a few days from screaming "hey, hey, hey" at a Metallica concert, but also got a pretty bad case of "Met-bow", kinda like tennis elbow from pumping your arm in the air. This ever happen to you?
No, but at a Neil Young concert in 74 or 75 I smoked a bit too much BLACK HASH and blacked out during the song "Harvest" Does this count??
I'm not a Metallica fan, but you can cure the raspy voice, at least temporarily by doing what Robert Plant did when his voice gave out.....suck on a lemon. The astringent qualities will revive the vocal cords, at least enough to call in to work and tell them you are not coming in.
If that happened to you, you were probably intoxicated ( one way or the other ) and enjoying yourself way too much : ) As to curing your "laryngitis", eat as much of a jar of horseradish that you can possibly stand. This will revive your vocal cords for some strange reason. It's what my grandfather used to do and it wasn't just a temporary fix. Sean >
You guys are vfunny,it's even better than real jokes.keep it up guys,thumb up. thanks, henry
The best cure would be to keep your mouth shut for a while...or else see a doctor.
Went to a Black Sabbath concert in the early seventies and drank so much wine that I threw up during "Faries Wear Boots". Met Ozzy in 1995 and made him buy me lunch because, as I told him, "You owe me a meal".