Hey Thats the one I was getting

I have a Graham 2.2 ceramic tonearm with a benz L2. I was going to get a Denon 103R but the previous posts did not approve of the Denon mounted on the Graham. Some audiogoners approved but some or most did not. IF the denon wont match well on the graham then what will for around the same price as the denon???
Out of curiosity, why would you go from a Benz L2 to a Denon 103R? I can't imagine that would be anything other than a downgrade...if the L2 is finished, just send it to Benz for a retip.
How much is a retip??? I thought it was 7-800 dollars. Tight with money right now.
Dear Blueranger: Nagaoka MP-50 or B&O MMC2.

regards and enjoy the music.
Wow, the retip price has gone up on the Benzes...a Wood H2/M2/L2 used to be $500 if memory serves...$800 is a bit steep...
Soundsmith should be able to do it much cheaper than 7-$800. They do an excellent job, as well.

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http://www.elusivedisc.com/prodinfo.asp?number=BENZMMCL2 Benze L2 retip $500