Hey That's Not So Bad if It's Class D

 So I don't have an amp right now & was fiddling around in the kitchen with music playing from my Samsung big screen when I realized the sound coming from the living room wasn't too bad...Bass had good definition but no depth or impact,drums sound like drums but again no impact,I can tell Slow Hands Strat from BB's Gibson & Greg Allman 's latter years rasp comes through with just enough gravel......There's no low level detail but I attribute that to the internal speakers..
Epiphany!!! I am most likely listening to a modern Class D Amplifier in the Samsung...If it is indeed Class D color me impressed enough to explore  the tech further....
When my old Adcom five-channel amp went TU, I needed a low cost alternative to replace it. Already being curious about Class D, I contacted Class D Audio, and wound up building three of their kits. The last one runs two modules and produces 500 Wpc.

I also use an SET 300B amp that I love. For me, Class D has been a very positive experience, they are in use probably 80% of the time, and sound great to my ears. The SET 300B, though, has a beautiful sound in a class of its own.
There are a lot of Class D Custom amplifiers thst are Very good .
i have owned SET amps ,hybrids,class A, class AB .
I now own a class D Amp from The Danish company Gato Audio
the Latest 400-S Which use Pascal Amps also from Denmark ,they totally modify them with Analog input,and output sections 
Jeff Roland use these and a Very good . Mark Levenson ,Classe 
and a bunch of others are finally seeing digital potential .bydesigning custom inputs and outputs to complement the lowest distortions in the industry as well as high powercooler running ,it is like digital music with now MQA it just keeeps progressing. Every class of Amplifier can be very good if designed 
properly ,no more thin not involving digital .i am speaking of 
Digital $5k and up .finally digital has progressed a lot in the last few years , even Digital from NAD is very now respectable .
I own a D-Sonic for my 2-channel system.  Amazing performance, I have them paired with Magnepan .7 and an Aric Audio tube preamp.
Can not see how it is beat for under 3k.

Agreed with one caveat. Get yourself a good tube preamp to go with the class D power. 
I had the Red Dragon 500 mono amps and they were excellent. The bass hit harder with those amps than my Krell.