Hey, long time Synergistic Cable owners - question

What are the the sonic differences between the Designer's Reference X2 version.....the Designer's Reference Squared version and then the Absolute Reference. I own both and use in my system the Designer's Referecne X2 cables and also Absolute Reference X2 cables......then where does the Designer's Reference Squared come in ????? What do these sound like ???? I know about the new Tesla series....but just a question about their older series. Thanks in advance
I assume that you are refering to power cords. The Designers Reference Squared refers to a power cord that is made for high current applications such as amplifiers. The designers ref. is for front end components. I cannot comment on the difference between the power cords as I have not interchanged them as my Squared is a 20 amp IEC when I replaced my Designers Ref. with A absplute Ref. on My Wadia I did notice better imaging with an improvement in the bass region also.
What a dummy for not being more specific.....thank you Ken for your reponse, but what I should have said was that I need inforamtion on their interconnects.