Hey K.....tt, Do you even have speakers??

If so, please enlighten us all as to your current system!  My guess is casio clock radio, on isolation platforms in a tuned room of course!

  I was just reflecting on 9 years of this hobby, and every pair of my 50+ speakers has brought me immense satisfaction.  Why are you so sad and disgruntled but more importantly, if you hate hifi, mainly speakers, why do you come here?

cue crickets...
this post is so childish. 

Didn't your mothers teach you all if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. I don't feel this thread is very suiting for these forms or any for that matter. we are past the time in human development for this sort of thing, its harassment and bullying. if you don't like someone or someone's posts don't read them. seriously don't you all have better things to do then flame each other on forms.  go listen to some music or take a walk, hug your significant other or children. stop these trolling threads its below you. 


i really did not pay that much attention to the post, I ignored owning 50 pairs of speakers, I was mostly curious to know what speakers Kenjit is using these days for his own personal use?  Maybe relevant to the  discussion or maybe not.