Hey guys,time to can your table. All you need is love!

The big boys better watch out. This is a real game changer in the world of vinyl ! 
Of course, the biggest game changer number .... ?
I would keep using iPhone with 128kb mp3s and build in speakers instead.

Luckily for real vinyl we have classic turntables.

And seriously, why people always trying to make things like this for the new generation? It’s too gay for me. Even plastic portables from the 70s looks cooler and 10 times cheaper than this wireless sh**t.
Wow.  I bet this manages the issues of microvibration control so much better....    I will be fantastic sound, the most beautiful sound ever!  You will be so amazed and proud of this sound!
If you cover it with aluminum foil will it prevent the intelligence gathering services from knowing your listening habits?
I will be selling my TW ACUSTIC AC3 with all Black Night upgrades to get one of these.

I just backed the project I did the same with PS sprout and turned to be a legendary piece. Once I get this one I’ll use it with the Sprout.
Thanks for sharing.
Just wrong.... they obviously have not heard a , VPI, Rega, Brinkmanship, Monaco..... even the Project essential would eat it for lunch. That would be my prediction.....
I'm not sure what market this was made for. Audiophiles will not buy it & it's too modern for hipsters. 
Another variety of player was labeled a 'lifestyle' item by a wag....which I think is appropriate.  It'll fly with some, flop with the rest, and certainly the latter (for the most part) in the confines of these forums...

What struck me was the shape, which resembles a large-ish remote.  I can visualize the anguish when the toddler mistakes it for that, and starts jabbing at the cartridge thinking it's a button....and tosses it away when it don't do nuthin'...*L*

Probably won't be the last or the weirdest thing we'll see come to market....

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