Hey Elizabeth Where you be??

Hey Elizabeth. Missed reading your posts. Drop a line, or post a response. Just checkin' in.

Hope all is well.

I have also been concerned. Where are you, Elizabeth? We miss you!
I was just wondering about her the other day. Hey Liz, where are you?
Same here. Her absence has been noted some good number of months now. Also, no activity by her at Audio Asylum either. Hope all is well.
Sad to say but she must have passed away. If so may the HiFi gods be with her!
Yogiboy do not say that there are dozens of reasons to think otherwise but I do share your concern
Just sent her a PM with a link to this thread - let see if she pops back up. Her responses here on the forums were always very entertaining.

Good Listening All

Entertaining, yes - but also (usually) very practical.
Me too. Where are you?
Elizabeth stopped posting on Audio Asylum quite a while back. A few guys over there were giving her a hard time so she just quit posting there all together.

I used to see her post on Audio Circles but haven't seen her there for a while either. I just checked there, her last post was 8/9/14.

I think she quit posting here on Agon because she just didn't care for the new management, but don't hold me to that. Elizabeth definitely is a lady with principles.
I miss her presence here, too. Hope she's okay and will soon rejoin the discussion.

Liz still posts @ AA, but with a new moniker (same goes for Sue Kraft).
She hasn't posted on Steve Hoffman forum lately either. No mistaking her posts so I doubt she's using a new user id.
Dekay, thanks very much for providing that info, which appears to be entirely correct. Good to know she's ok. Would love to see her return here eventually.

-- Al
I miss her posts. She was practical. She kept us boys in line. Hope you are well.
Dekay is Sue Kraft Elizabeth's new moniker? Is that what you meant? Thanks.
Ghosthouse, no, that is not what he meant, and that is not her new moniker. Also, as I'm sure you realize, it would of course not be appropriate for her new moniker to be indicated here.

-- Al
yeesh...of course, Al; wasn't thinking that through. I assume your reply to Dekay must have been in reference to a private communication then. Sorry 'bout that.
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I agree I miss her posts...
Didn't she express frustration with new management or unevenness of moderation in the forum? Well I wish her all the best and I hope she is healthy. I miss Liz's wit, and directness that she brought to her posts here.
I heard through the grapevine she's with child after a freak Teleportation Tweak mishap.

Sue Kraft is a reviewer who posts @ AA and other sites (her moniker used to be her name, and now it's something else).

Elizabeth has a new/clever "double innuendo" moniker @ AA, but I do not feel comfortable posting it (even though she's not hiding anything - it's still her;-).
It's too bad she's not actively posting here as I and many others here agree with her frustration but we all keep posting the same way and with the same convictions and generally get the same results.

And yes, I do miss her directness, bluntly speaking. :-)

All the best,
Dekay, I am glad that Liz is ok. I was concerned for her health. Please send her a message on AA and let her know that her Audiogon buddies miss her and want her to come back. Thanks.
Geoff, :)
Bifwynne, Since she visits AA I'd imagine she lurks here once in awhile, if only to fulfill her minimum requirement of disgust :)
Btw, I truly miss her as well.
Hey Dekay - thanks for the reply. My question was certainly not intended to encroach on Elizabeth's privacy or violate some A'gon protocol rule - merely, to enable following her pithy and acerbic postings under a new pseudonym, whatever that might be. Appreciate the update and your intent to maintain her anonymity. Glad to hear she's still alive and active audio-wise.
Elizabeth was deaf in one ear.

I would not take her advice on sonics as worth anything!
Beethoven was deaf in both ears.
Chayro, Elizabeth is no Beethoven. I knew Beethoven. :)
I miss Beethoven also....
Then listen to Bach, he's still alive.
Brownsfan, are you undead or that old?

Once one drug-abusing artist somehow figure out that Beethoven is still alive and went to look for him with backpack and certainly pouch of 'medicine'.
In one of the caves after few or several days of travels(or trips) he found a man sitting in front of his piano deleting all his sheet music with eraser on the stand and asked him:
--Who are you?
--I'm L.V.Beethoven.
--And what are you doing?
--I'm decomposing!
Schubert, was suchet ihr den toten bei den lebendigen?
Czar Ivy, yes and yes.
Brownsfan; Ich glaube das einige lebens sind mehr tot als den toten selbst. Ja sicher in California!
4 years of German 42 years ago and thats the best I could muster.
Hopefully Elizabeth comes back. I enjoy her candor.
Maybe she got a job with Pangea. I'm thinking some upper echelon position.
Gander wrote,

"Maybe she got a job with Pangea. I'm thinking some upper echelon position."

You close. Very close! She got a job as head of QA for Bryston.
I miss her as well. I remember a cable thread that got some a little wound up. Hope she is well. CLASS ACT that dame.
Liz posts are great, but I enjoy Ebm ones more!!!
P.S. Ebm never forgets exclamation or few !!!