Hey Audiogon how about a DIY/Horn section?

Any other Audiogon members out there who would like to see a section just for the DIY'er/Horn/Quirky/eccentric type of gear? I for one would.
What say you?
A very good idea. I have become convinced that a well executed horn system is the most realistic reproduction available.

And the eccentric gear idea is great because I'm tired of the boring same as last year crap that issues relentlessly from the reviewer/magazine/manufacturer cartel.

It would be nice to have an Audiogon Forum for cutting edge and edgy designs and concepts. Bring it on!
+1. I'd love to see a section like this. A good compression driver\horn system is the only way to go.
Being a horn guy, I would love to see this as well. I'm sure we could all learn something.
I'd love it. Lowthers, and AER's and weird stuff that'ed never get past eitehr wives or bean counters, like my $600 (parts cost only) volume control and Nelson Pass' more ecentric designs that are just perfect for all 20-30 people who can use them! (Got one). Maybe not as hard core (spelled c-h-e-a-p)as some in Audio Asylum's DIY section, but if that's what is takes to get us propeller head, single-driver, horn, skinny solid wire, flat earthers together, tee it up!!
Great idea, Gawdbless! And perhaps to go along with it, maybe a category for buying and selling raw parts - tubes, drivers, horns, transformers, plate amps, enclosures, stuff like that.

I like it too. But to be clear, you're not suggesting one new category for DIY and Horns together are you? Rather, one for each?

I also like the raw parts idea.
I'm in. Great idea.
Fellow quirkies, Audiogon as we all know has a section headed just 'speakers' that covers everything, whilst I do read many threads the vast majority of threads are to do with sealed unit speakers and that does not particular interest me greatly. I would be happy with a section which encapsulates the types of speakers etc that I have mentioned above, and any other types I have not mentioned.
Anyone know how we can get the ball rolling on this?
We maybe peeing into the wind here, but it's worth a shot I think, and so do you guys!
I think we may be fighting the entrenched dome tweeter lobby.
It never fails to amaze me how bland this whole thing remains. The same old topics about the same old tired designs and their innumerable clones. So many people still using high horsepower SS amps and low efficiency speakers and tweaks and gimmicks and tweaks and gimmicks and tweaks and gimmicks....................

It's back to the future for me these days and a thread like this is needed for those of us who have discovered that audio jumped the rails about 30 years ago. Analog, tubes and horns when paired properly will completely eclipse digital, solid state and acoustic suspension if your goal is to reignite the fires of the original musical performance.

If you're doing movies and sound effects, forget I said anything.
Would be of interest to me. But while I love horns etc. I am not going to toss the dynamic out with the bath water hi-eff today is not just about horns. So why not a hi-eff forum or a hi-eff loudspeaker for sale section so hard to place adds for this kit. I mostly post hi-med eff loudspeaker adds in tube amp section.
Johnk- I would be 100% happy for hi-eff also to be Included, basically anything other than what the majority listen to.