Hesitant to apply NPS1260. Any experience or ideas?

Just got my tinny bottle of NPS1260. Never imagined it would soooo small. But the black plastic outside box may somewhat justify the price. Pretty cool… Anyway, I have watched the YouTubes on how to apply but I am kind of hesitant to try it. I think it’s the issue of not putting it on too many places at a time. And trying to decide where to start and how to continue applying. And still a slight but present feeling of not wanting to adversely effect my system. Any pertinent comments very appreciated.Forum posts have lead me to three vital, destination elements of my current system. In no particular order:
AGD Audion amps
Silversmith Fidelium speaker cables
Townshend Seismic Podium platforms
Hoping that NPS1260 becomes the latest “gold mine”!

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Be conservative as a little goes a long way. Just brush on a thin layer on the ends of the connectors. I started with power cables, speaker cables, and IC's. Eventually it went on everything!