Hertz 60 to 50 Question ??

I recently bought a tube tester. It is a 110-volt 60 Hertz model. I live overseas and am planning to use it with a step-down transformer from 220 input to 110 output. Nevertheless, since the electricity runs at 50 Hertz where I live this could cause problems. Does anyone have experience with using audio or other equipment rated at 60 Hertz in electrical systems that run at 50 Hertz?
I have used (and still use) in 50 Hz a ss amp, ss preamp, cd player, tube amp and tube preamp designed for 60Hz and never had an issue. Don't know if a tube tester would be any different, but for me it was a non issue.
Thank you for letting me know. Is your equipment actually 60Hz or 50/60Hz? Transformers are supposed to heat up using 60Hz equipment on 50Hz. Have you experienced this?
My electronics were purchased in the US, so 110V/60Hz. Then I moved to a 220V/50Hz country.

Heating up? I don't know...nothing so significant that I would notice, that's for sure. Right now my tube amp and pre do heat up, of course. But is that more than if they were running at 60Hz? No idea.
Thank you for letting me know. Much appreciated.