Herron VTSP-2a vs EAR 324

Has anyone heard both of these phono preamps? I'd love to hear impressions. I've had the Herron so I know what it sounds like so I'm using it as a point of reference, but I'm thinking of a non tube phone preamp. Cartridge is a Decca London Super Gold so I'm using MM only.
You might want to take a look at Whest audio pre amps Best Phonostage and Phono Pre-Amp for Vinyl once you own a Whest pre amp you will only stay with them, check out their reviews.
I have an 324 and think its the best ive had. Low noise and very smooth ,dynamic,and articulate. Never owned a herron but i have had an aesthetix rhea, no comparison. Then I upgraded the aethetix to the signature model(+$3000) with all nos tubes($$  ?)It was very close, had a hard time deciding but I sold the aesthetix and kept the ear. Also owned a BAT p5, and mcintosh pre with phono. Ear was better. I have heard many sytems that are very expensive and can't imagine that an ear 324 would be the weak link.  However, my cartridges all are moving coil, I don't know how the mm stage sounds.
I know where there is a Herron MM phono preamp for a good price.  Keith’s stuff is fantastic, the EAR stuff is good as well but I am more of a tube guy myself....the Best SS phono preamp for a decent price was the RCM Sensor II.  Good luck1
@dhcod: Say, have you tried 5751 tubes in place of the stock 12AX7's in your Herron? They're interchangeable, 5751's just providing less gain than 12AX7's. Deccas hardly need the extra gain, and the 5751 may afford a greater overload margin. Frank Van Alstine uses 5751's in his Dynaco PAS mod, and the AVA PAS 2 I had in the '80's was the quietest tube pre I've ever owned.
bdp24 I actually don't have the Herron any more. I was just using it a point of reference. I loved it with my prior cartridges but with the Decca I found a couple phono preamps that sounded better. Thanks so much for your other advice though! Really helpful.