Herron VSTP 1A /166 describe sound

Reviewers all say it has no signature soundwise? How can a highly rated component have no impact on sound produced. How would users describe the sound they here within there system using this component?

is it a very good pre-amp? so it doesn't sound like CJ stuff (syrupy), and it doesn't sound like sterile solid state. I am hoping it provides a live silky 3-d soundstage with bass....
Read the reviews on the Herron website, they tell it like it is.
I just happened to see this post. You're speaking to a less experienced audiophile, having run less equipment through my listening room due in part to financial constraints. However, I have owned this pre-amp, along with the M150 monoblocks, as the core of my audio system for a good number of years. Previously, I owned a CJ preamp (still in my basement). Again, having less sophistication with my terminology, this pre certainly impresses me as very neutral and very lively (dynamic). It is not cold or dry. This amplification has certainly mated well with the reasonably-revealing nature and great mid-range of the Spendor and Harbeth speakers more recently that have been in my system. You may have read about comparisons between this pre and the more recent updates in the Herron line, but I don't think a sigficant change of sound signature has resulted with the more recent products. One additional note which might be relevant is that Keith Herron personally supports the maintenance of his equiment and is very approachable.

I hope this is of help at this point. This is certainly a very worthy piece of audio equipment which continues to allow me to expand my musical horizons.

I have the Herron combo, VTSP 3A Tube Pre and the M1 mono amps and love the sound. I have moved to a tube integrated amp and have both up for sale, if interested let me know.