Herron vs Audioresearch

Could anyone tell me if the new Herron vtsp2 pre-amp is better than the LS_25 mark 2? I found that thier 2nd hand price are similar. I am using LS-16 mk1 now but wanted to up-grade. Thank you.

I haven't heard the 16 or 25, but have a friend who has the LS-3B. I have the Herron VTSP-1A/166, not the VTSP-2.

I liked the Herron over Joe's LS-3B and the conrad-johnson Premier 17 LS-2. You really need to hear the Herron an see for yourself.

I recently bought a pair of the Herron M-150's, their a very, very good power amp.

I will be able to get a VTSP2 to compare with my LS-16 later this month. Will post my findings later.
would love to hear your thoughts on the herron vtsp 2 luna...
Hi folks, I have finally decided on purchasing the Herron.
The VTSP-2 blew away my LS-16 in every department.
I also tried the Audio Research ref. 2. The Herron while costing half of its price is not far behind. I think the ref. 2 has better sound stage and tighter bass and dynamics and has a bit more air. It wins over the Herron while playing big symphonies but with other music, it is a matter of taste. The Herron is on its own while matching with my Defy7, it sounded so smooth and romantic that the Audio Research sounded actually a bit forward and too bold in comparison.
One thing I like to say about the new volume control of the Herron. It goes form 0 to 100 in steps and when it gets to around 35 onwards, tube noise become very noticeable. Then at 40, it becomes quiet again. This does not worry me too much as I normally listens at lower volumes but this could be a problem to some.
Well I hope this help and all the best.