Herron preamp with Redgum RG175ENR monoblocks

Hi guys and girls,
I am a newbie to these forums and hail from Sydney, Australia.
I have a Herron VTSB 3A tube preamp running into a pair of Rogue Audio M-150 monoblock tube poweramps. A really great combination that has power and poise. My powerbill has skyrocketed in the past months so I am looking at alternatives to the Rogue tube mono blocks.
I have Redgum RGi60 integrated amp and really love its engaging, 'live' sound. Not a patch on my Herron/Rogue setup though.
What has interested me is the use of one of the Redgum poweramps such as the RG175ENR with a tube preamp such as my Herron. I am sure the Redgum passive preamp would be the ideal match but would be keen to hear others' thoughts. Thankyou in advance.
Tube power amps really make the difference. I firmly believe this despite other's wishful thinking that a tube pre is all that is needed to get the tube magic. I spent years chasing that approach until a friend finally said you must use tube power amps ...and in that one change.... magic. Sorry about the power bill, but its a sacrifice you have to decide to make. BTW I own a Redgum phono stage but doubt many here know of the company.
Thanks for the reply Mechans. Yes, I am really enjoying my current Herron/Rogue all tube combo. I will work around the power bill issue. Perhaps watching less TV on my plasma may help!

For those not familiar with Redgum, they make the amp with the redgum front wood panel with the key that turns it on and off. I thought they had a presense in the States. They are a South Australian company starting about 20 years ago.

It seems the current trend is the tube preamp with solid state power amps. My friend has a Herron tube pre into a Conrad Johnson Premier 350 power amp. The sound seems to have more conviction than mine but I would say mine is sweeter sounding.