Herron or ?

Anyone compared the Herron 1a to the Microzotl or similar priced preamps?

if so would you mind sharing your thoughts?


On a whim, without planning to, I bought a Herron Line Stage, it being unusual by the fact that it containd six 6922 tubes intsead of four. I don't have any clue if it sounds any different the later units that have four 6922 tubes.

By itself, it so dramatically improved the sound quality of my system I was, and still am, in awe  of what it was able to do.

So impressed, I just bought a Herron phono stage.

Maybe this tells you something. 



They’re obviously both great and doubt you could possibly be unhappy with either.  I’ll just say Herron is no longer in business, which may be a consideration for down the road in terms of repairs.  Best of luck. 

I have the Herron and the detail from it is amazing but it’s a tad lean and dry.


I think I’m looking for more of a tubeish sound like from a 6sn7 tube

If you can wait for a new one to be built or can find a used Don Sachs preamp, just go for it — and it does use your desired 6sn7 tubes. I don’t think the LTA will give you what you’re looking for.



So you would rather listen to distorted sound rather than clean sound?

I have never found Herron equipment to sound lean or dry and I’ve been using ALL Herron equipment for over 20 years. It sounds just like the signal that is fed into it.

Maybe you have other equipment with a very slightly elevated upper midrange that is causing that lean / dry sound.


Stock Herron tubes may sound a bit dry in some systems.

Simple tube rolling can get you what you are seeking.