Herron M1-1A monobocks, what do you think?

Hi, I am trying to get a feel for and as much information as possible about these amps. Any users, regardless of complete Herron systems or not. I own a VTSP3A preamp and VTPH2 phono.
Also, break-in time required, and other particularities.

Thank you.
I have had the entire Herron set up. I went to digital only and sold the preamp and phono stage and kept the M1A. I run a MSB Analog Dac straight into the M1A's. The last piece of herron I bought was the mono amps and I think it was the best piece. Very smooth, great tone, very easy to listen too. Sweet sounding without being overly lush. Does not do low impedance speakers well however. Also, very highly recommend the Stillpoint ultra mini's to replace the rubber feet and I also added the thicker HRS damping plates on top. The casework of herron is where he can save costs otherwise these would be much more expensive, the vibration isolation above was a nice improvement in detail. There is also a wonderful synergy of all the pieces together. I would not recommend the Herron Cables for this set up, the electronics are so much better. I ran Audience AU24se with Powerchord SE power cables and was very happy.
I also have the entire Herron set-up (VTSP3Ar02, VTPH-2, one pair M1-1A, one pair M-150, all Herron cables), except for digital. The M1-1A amps are wonderful and a great match for upstream components. I have not had a problem with low impedance speakers, running a 3.5-way system with low impedance (down to around 2.5 ohms) bass section. Clean and tight. I use the pair of very early M-150 amps on some < 4 ohm subs (below 30hz) with a large boost. No problems.

My M1-1A pair came after Herron did a breakin. But they still sounded a little better after a month or so. I leave them on 24/7 so I can't comment on warm-up time.

I really like the M1-1As. They are very detailed, great dynamics, very tight timing, nothing harsh. Neutral perspective, vanishingly low distortion. Everything sounds "right" in a way that I have not heard in any other system using other electronics.

IMO, the Herron M1-A1s seem to have the best attributes of both tubes and solid state. They are a very nice step up from the already excellent M-150s. I have no want for an upgrade.

I like the Herron cables with them. Clean, honest, no filtration, no distortion. Cable resonance seems to mate very well with Herron's gear. I use the standard power cables supplied with the units.

I have the VTPH-2 and VTSP-3Ar02 on Vibrapod Cones. Only use StillPoint cones under the turntable (original VPI Aries Extended / JMW-12). I want to try the Vibrapod Cones under the amps eventually. Also want to add solid laminate bamboo cutting boards under the amps. In the meantime, I'm just enjoying the music.

One small note: IMO, different cables with Herron gear can provide somewhat variable results. Stick to pure copper, no silver in the audio circuit. I've heard a few pure copper cables besides the Herrons that sounded good in my system. Every time silver is introduced, the treble seems to harden, instruments lose that natural presentation.
I hope I am not hijacking this thread but I am using a VTPH-2 and VTSP-3AR02 and have been thinking about whether to replace the stock feet with something that will provide better isolation. I looked up the Ultramini's and Vibrapods on the web but have a question--How are you installing these? Do they thread into the chassis in place of the stock feet? Has Keith provided an endorsement for their use?
I use the Vibrapod cones under the VTPH-2 and VTSP-3Ar02 chassis pointing up. I have not removed the stock feet. Biggest improvement came with the phono stage but the pre-amp was better, too.

The Vibrapod cones are free standing, no studs coming out of them. I do not use them on top of Vibrapod discs. I just haven't tried that configuration so I can't judge the difference. But at the cost of Vibrapods, the experiment is certainly inexpensive.

I've spoken with Keith about the Vibrapod cones but can't recall the conversation except that he was cautious about making any suggestion or endorsement.

I would not try to thread anything into the spot where the stock feet are attached in Herron electronics. Check with Keith Herron first as there is very little clearance between the circuit board and the chassis. I do recall Keith saying something about that.

Under any circumstances, I'd still check with Keith to get his latest opinion.
Herron equipment is outstanding. The diligence Keith puts into his work is second to none.
I will swim against the current here and say I was underwhelmed.
Herron Audio is well-respected by all and enjoyed by many but, in my system, while the M1A amps sounded nice, clean, and pure, they did not display the same level of dynamics, impact and depth as the better amps I have owned.
Wow, such detailed and insightful information, I wasn't expecting! Thank you everyone!! I was really looking forward to getting some hands-on opinions, as enough field info isn't available on the M1s, but plentiful on M150s.
Davt, I am using Audience IC's, speaker cables and power cords with my existing Herron pieces, as well as Keith's ICs. I concur with your assessments.

Best regards to all the willing and Happy Listening,

Mitch2 - What amps were those?
Hi Bpoletti, I went back through pics of stuff I have sold and found I was mistaken in my earlier post. The Herron amps I owned were the M1 monos, not his latest M1A monos currently shown on the Herron website. I could find no info by Herron of a model M1-1A that was asked about on this thread so I assumed the OP meant the current M1A model.
As with his earlier M150 amps and current M1A amps, the M1 amps output 150wpc into 8 ohms and 275wpc into 4 ohms, with an unusually high input impedance of 220K ohms. I could not find any info on what was changed between the models M1 and M1A, although the 2011 Positive Feedback Online review referenced on the current M1A page of Herron's website is for the M1s that I owned so I assume the changes were evolutionary and not revolutionary.
I am a fan of Herron audio for a few reasons. Keith's products sound excellent, are well built, can be upgraded for a nominal fee and Keith is just a great guy to work with. I have upgrade my original M150 amps to the M1A. Is there better equipment out there?....I'm sure there is but I have quit chasing the promise of better sound and instead just listen to music. I have had good success with using roller block juniors under the VTSP-3r02 pre amp and will probably go that route with the amps.
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