Herron Interconnects

Has anyone ever heard of Herron Interconnects? They have been recomended to me but there is no evidence of them on the Herron website. I was told they retail for about $400.

Herron products seem to be quite well received so I'd like to find out if they are the real deal.

Also, can anyone please recomend an interconnect in the $400 range? It will be used for a Cary CD308 and a Rogue Tempest Magnum. Thanks.
I have only seen the interconnects and have not been able to critically listen. I can tell you that the wire is very thin. I would say the cables are about 1/8" thick with gold plated heavy duty RCA connectors. I have heard the Herron phono stage and have complete confidence that Herron knows what they are doing. Don't believe me though, always listen first.
I met a guy who made his own ICs using Herron's wire and spec'd rca plugs.

The wire he used was very very thin. And the RCAs were minimal. The cable and RCAs were very fragile.

I cannot vouch for their sonic merits.