Herron 1A,, Herron 2A, Modwright LS100 or Aesthetix Calypso?

I have narrowed down my pre choices to these. I would like to hear what opinions there are, maybe even from actual owners. I have owned a Shrimp and BAT VK3ix in the past. I definitely want to take a step up. The Calypso is at the top of my budget. I am not able to audition any, just buy and hope I made the correct choice. If it matters, my amp is a Rogue stereo 90 magnum. I am currently using the Eximus DP-1 DAC/Pre and a Salk Streamer tied to Aerial 8 speakers. Obviously I will have to pursue a DAC as well.
There is a VTSP-1A/166 on Audiogon right now, at an asking price of $1295. Buy it!
I owned both the Herrons and I cannnot say enough good things about Keith and his designs. The VTSP 2A and the M150 upgraded monos were my favorite gear I've ever owned. Incredibly musical. Would not hesitate to jump on a 2A, although the 1A wasn't that far behind it soundwise (the 2A was more convenient for my application). 
What when I've heard Aesthetix and Herron side by side I've liked the Herron way better. I will also echo the sediments about Keith Herron, he's a gem. It's well documented that the Aesthixs are fussy on tubes, and have a high tube count. This makes tube rolling an expensive proposition with NOS.

Speaking of tube rolling, no matter what you buy, rolling NOS will take you rig way higher than any current production tube in spite of what Mr. Herron or Mr. White say. It's  important to source quality tubes from a trustworthy source, Andy from vintage tube service comes to mind.

I've experimented with many a preamp, my favorite tube is the 6SN7 in this role, there is a meat on the bones quality with this tube that I've not found in other tube types.  This tube has a vast array of rolling choices that can allow you to tweak the sound balance of your system. If you were to decide to use this tube as the foundation for preamp, I can recommend the Modwright. Dan makes a good product, great support and enough volume of production that finding used samples or selling one off is a relatively easy task.

i know you didn't ask, however another rave on the boards these days with a 6SN7 is Don Sachs preamp. While I have not heard it personally, by all accounts, knowledgable audiophiles are very passionate about the preamp, and what's nice is you can get a new one for the kind of money you're looking to invest.

Good luck with your search....