HeresysIII at low Volume

I have been wanting to try the Heresys with my PassLabs
XA-30.5 class a amp n XP-20 Preamp... I would like a
speaker that sounds good at low Volumes...I listen to a
lot of Jazz n Vocals...can anyone tell me what speakers
sound good at lower volumes...if any...Thank You..henrycai
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For low volume vocals and jazz the original Quad ESL can't be bettered.
Thank You Bdp for ur input...will check these out.
Any LS3/5A type speaker. Spendor,Harbeth,etc. Great for the
type of music you like.
Actually, I discovered after my 2 year relationship with a pair of Heresys is that they play more accurate and without the "shout" at low volumes. I loved them late at night. I didn't like them when I pushed them hard. Yes, they have a reputation of being able to play loud but, IMHO, they play better and more accurate at low to low medium levels.

I did have to modify my pair to find ultimate enjoyment, as well as couple them to a pair of subs. However, I do like to listen at moderate to loud levels, so, eventually I sold them.
Thank You, Yogiboy N Raymonda...would bigger Harbeths be good also...remeber i have a 30 watt Class Amp...Yogiboy
what Mods n who did them for ur Heresys...again...I would like to thank everyone for there help...I am writing all this down so hopefully my next pair of speakers will be my last...henrycai
Raymonda...What amp..cables etc did you use on ur Heresys.
Henrycai, It all depends on the size of your listening room and how far you sit from the speakers. I use the P3ESR(sensitivity a low 82 DB) with 50 watt tube amps with no problem. My room size is 20x15. I have used larger floor standing Spendors with no problem. I have used big solid state amps in the past and I think power is way overated. BTW, what is the size of your room?
If you dampen the mid horn, (and, dampen the tweeter horn), the benefit of louder listening will be improved. The entire front baffle becomes less resonant. Listening improves at lower volume as well. MrD.
I will have to agree about the Heresy III's at low volumes. I own Heresys and Heresy II's and both sound great a lower volumes. IMO, both are not too picky about amp matching as I have used many different integrateds, seperates, and receivers with both pairs with great results.

Yogiboy, were i live now is bigger...but i plan on moving n don't know what size room i will a lot of these apartments have living room n dining room togeather...I went to the Harbeth site n like what i read about the 3 n 7ES....sounds good...these will be at the top of my list...Thank You....Also MRD, Thank you for ur input on the Heresys...being that they donot cost a lot i may try them also...because i really would like to hear what a horn speaker sounds like...Thank You Everyone for ur input....henrycai
Willand Thank You for ur in a apartment can be tough for playing being able to enjoy my music at lower volumes part of the times would be great..thanks again...henry.
I had a pair of Heresy 1.5's. Kind of a transition between the I and II. I stuffed the cabinets to provide a few extra hertz in the bass, upgraded the crossovers, rewired speakers, new binding posts, replaced tweeter diaphragms with Crites, and acoustic foam in the mid horn, which took dome of the "shout" out.

I used a Golden Tube Audio SE 40 with Sonic Cap upgrade and Mundorf oil and paper coupling caps, as well as upgraded binding post and RCA's.

I roll my own cables, both RCA's and Speaker.

Pre-amp was either a Classe Five, Melos SHA 1 or Audible Illsions M3A.

I also used 12 inch stands that tilted back. Although Heresys were built to be on the floor I found that position made the soundstage sound like you were in the third tier balcony of a 1500 seat theater. Not my idea of good sound. If I were to do it all over again I would raise them 15-18 inches off the ground.
Raymonda Thank You for all that info....When TAS reviewed
the Heresys they said they sounded best on 24" stands.....
so you were right....i live near Audio Classics so i would think i can have them do Mods for buy them there..
they do all kinds of work, mods, repair there....Thanks again....henry.
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