Heresy's with SE?

I own a pair of '79 Heresy's, and have been using a ss amp/tube pre with them. while they sound great, i decidded to take advantage of their 96db efficiency and try out a low powered tube amp, namely the brand new Decware Taboo single pentode amp. I went with it instead of a 2 watt SET because supposedley Heresy's might have a little more of a struggle with something that low. Also Decware offers a 30 day return policy, so no risk for me. But in getting opinions over at the Klipsch forum, a few folks have said that this probably won't be a good match. One in particular said SET is best served by speakers that have smooth impedance curves, and Klipsch doesn't fall into that unless moved to a constant impedanc network.

Admittedley, this is a bit over my head, but I was hoping to get feedback from some of the folks here.

Of course, the final word will be my ears, but I'd be interested in what experiences others have had.

In my experience, Klipsch and SET sound better than anything else I've heard. However, I'm speaking primarily of the higher efficiency big horns. La Scala, Belle, Klipschorn, for example. For an analog gent such as yourself, you might consider finding a good pair of vintage La Scala's (~$1300) and a good SET amp. It will bring you into the music more than will the pentode amps, IMO. The midrange intimacy inherent to SET will not be as 'expressed' with the smaller of the Klipsch speakers.
As far as mating the Decware with the Heresy's, wait and see. You might enjoy the combo immensely.
I hope I've addressed your concerns,
Any SET amp used with klipsch lascala/cornerhorns/belleklipsches better be damned good; the slightest bit of noise/hum will be ruthlessly amplified by the klipsch speakers. Often a quality push/pull amp makes a better choice as the hum issues don't exist as they do with SET amps
No question, C123666, a mediocre SET amp has the potential for being problematic even beyond the question of musicality. However, with our 104dB La Scala's, I've had two SET amps that were inaudible from more than 10 inches away. In my experience, noisy tubes were usually the cause of any hum/buzz more than the amp was itself.

I'm not defending one choice over another, in terms of debating push/pull vs SET. In fact, it just so happens that we have both. Rather, I inferred that your post might scare someone into categorically dismissing the SET/horn pairing, and in my experience nothing has been more engaging than exactly that.
thanks for your replies. the heresy's were actually bought on a whim as a temporary replacement for a pair of totem model 1 signatures that are being repaired. the klipsch's were so cool looking and i'd heard such good things about them that for the price($400) and the need for second pair of speakers i decided, why not? but since getting them, i have really fell in love with them, and that's been using them with a ss(nad)amp/tube(bottlead foreplay) combo. i've always wanted to try an se amp because of my preference for vinyl, but never had the speakers to experiment. now i do. as for replacing them with a larger, more expensive pair, my wife will have my head. so the amp is going to have to work with these for now at least. and if not, i can always send it back.

thanks again for your replies.