Here we go again...Silver vs. Copper on P/C 's

I know that this topic has been discussed many times on Audiogon about the good and bad merits of each of these properties, but I would like to throw it out again to get some feedback. Looking at a very good P/C for my solid state amp.....Synergistic Research Absolute Reference Master Power incorporates silver wiring. Some very reputable companies are using both silver and copper in their P/C's....some just copper wiring. I have ''heard'' some negative comments on the use of silver in P/C's ranging from ; too brite, too flat, no life, too harsh....So, looking for some comments on the Synergistic Research Absoloute Ref. cable and other's that might work on a system that has leaned towards being very ''rich'' sounding.
silver is better for the very long runs(a few hundreds meters or so) but very expencive.
For lenghts less than 10', would it matter if Silver or Copper?'ve just answered on your own question, dude!
I tried silver pc and didn't like what it did for my system, I found it to bright.Silver imparts it's own electrical signiture to the audio signal,copper has less of an impact on the same signal. I am partial to Virtual Dynamics cables because they use magnets and specail beading to help stop vibration and emf, as well as 8 gauge wire and cable cooking,cryogenic freezing.You should at least try a cable taht has return policy so you can return it if it doesn't work in your system.Take care Dennis
I've been using silver based PCs and ICs for awhile now. I liked what they were doing in my system, however, I've recently installed all Virtual Dyanmics cabling, their new Testament series, in my rig. I don't know if it's the copper, the technology incorporated in the design, or a combination of both, but I'm very much leaning towards keeping them. There is a, for lack of a better word, naturalness to the sound that is simply lacking with my other cables.
What is "rich" sounding?
Starting with a 60Hz signal with some aberrations due to current surges then rectifying the results, the composition of the wire might not really matter.

I've been looking for a pure silver PC for my front end. I have found that it improves my dynamics tremendously. Does any know which manufacturers make real pure silver power cords that don't involve outrageous magic elixirs, pixie dust, etc.
Mechans, you may want to try Audio Magic. They make only silver cables and are very good.