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I've got a TON of caps that i'm going to be replacing in various equipment within the next few weeks. While i've got some basic ideas, has anyone got any suggestions as to how i can speed up the forming / settling time on these ? While i can gradually bring up the voltage via a variac, i'm wondering if anyone knows a way to cycle these up and down both quickly and reliably ??? Any and all helpful comments appreciated. Sean
A ton'o caps! Too bad your cable burner could not be of some use here. Something along that sort of technology could work but is not an answer to you question, just another question. So, Sean what is your ton'o cap of choice say for coupling? Their are the Hovaland, the Kimber(which I thought were called Sidreal at one time) the Jensen paper in oil, the new AuriCap, the MIT milti's, the InfiniCap, Solen, and more. I know it depends on the application and taste. I have had good sucess with the InfiniCap in my system. I would like to put them in some more spots in my gear, and try some BlackGate electrolitics in the p.s. of my amp. I know that this is of no help to you .
slap them in the equipment and leave it on 24/7. Be a man and take it. Sorry, don't know any way but to live through the breakin.