Here's what I think about the new HD formats.

Blu ray will be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Why? Because with a 1080p, TV will look better then real life. Why would you be happy buying DVDs knowing the limitations of the picture compared to HD if you know the difference. I have a Mitsubiti Dimond 55-909 which has the best movie picture posable and a Denon 2800MkII DVD player with DVDO chip set so my picture is just about the best possable from DVD. Comcast HD blows this away and the Comcast signel is only 15mhz out of a possable 19mhz. Canon has a new TV coming out later this year that will outdate everything else available. Samsung is coming out with a $300 universal player there will play all HD formats and DVDs. The movie companys want a new format that will protect their property better. Sony is coming out with the new Playstation with Blu ray included. HD-DVDs will include DVD on the flip side so only only one disk will work in new and old machines. So tell me this will someone. Just where is the downside to all this?
People will watch too much video and forget how to write and spell?
Or they will watch too much television and video and ignore the natural beauty of the world around them and live musical/cultural performances?
As you get older the need for super high resolution video becomes less important.
"People will watch too much video and forget how to write and spell?"

Eye agrie that paypal wheel wauch two mooch vidio and fourgat how to right and spel
The porn industry will......Oh, NEVER MIND!
The problem is, while video technology improves, the content goes in the other direction....
Amen to that Joey!
Yeah, yeah Blu-ray will do this and that...

First of all, the Mitsubishi does not hold a candle to the Samsung dlps, the denon sucks compared to a pioneer elite and comcast, though it delivers a couple of stations more in hd (less quality than satellite) still has the first 100 stations in analog, so, what are you bragging about?
Obviously ... " Much Older ".