Here's to YOU...

Here's to wishing all our friends, the membership community and the A'goN staff a warm and restful Thanksgiving with good friends and family. Ya'll ROCK!

Back at ya Robert!! Wishing you and all of your loved one's a peaceful and healthy holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Audiogoners.

Mariusz Stark

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
Happy Thanksgiving Robert! If my dinner is as well made as your cables it will be the best ever.
Happy Thanksgiving to all 'Goners and their families!
I've had the XAs fired up all night and used a (tipped) turntable as a rotisserie. Next year I'll rig the arm ti disoendse basting oil.

The XAs will smell funny for weeks. Dog's gonna go nutzo. I'm sure Tboooe won't mind, and thanks for the "audition". White meat or dark for you?
cheers apo
Hi Robert,

I'll bring lots of tasty left-overs if I can have a pair of Sasons !

It's been a month and I still haven't heard them yet.

Be driving to your place soon.
Well now that its down to turkey left overs here is wishing everyone a great Holiday Season and safe, happy New Year.
I hope everyone takes a moment to think of troops in harms way who cant be with loved ones this year.