Here’s my $1750…just tell me what to buy..

my old adcom gfa 555II died. I’m still using my old B&W 804 Matrix and I think I just fixed my old Lexicon DC-1, so….

someone just tell me what to do….my ADD is breaking up my marriage, as Ive been at dozens of sites, read hundreds of posts, which are just confusing me..

I’d like to buy a 5 channel amp as my rear speakers are CDM-1 from B&W ( yeah, theyre old too!)

I spend all day in the Operating Room, doing surgery, and I’d love to have someone else make a decision for me for a change..

If you're willing to buy used, you might look at the Proceed Amp 5 and Anthem Statement A5 for sale here. They're both very well reviewed and in your price range. (No connection to either seller.)

If I were in your position, though, I think I'd go for an Emotiva XPA-5. It looks like superb amp--and at $899.00 new, you'd save a bundle.
If you live near or close to a true store, then just ask them, they will be more than happy to sell you what they like. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of stereo stores but since you want home theater that should be no problem.
I think you should try the Emotiva and spend the rest of your $$ on something else. You can not go wrong with the XPA-5 imo. I'm using Emotiva UPA-5 and it's truly a great sounding amp. You'll be amazed.
Anthem a5 .great sound
Rotel has always made some very good mulitchannel amps. They don't cost a fortune, either. Also, B&w and Rotel are one company, so you can be fairly certain that it will be a good match for your speakers. I think Parasound would be another excellent choice.
Another vote for Emotiva XPA-5
Buy the Emotiva XPA-5 and send me the difference. There, your decision is made and all you have to do is implement...;~)

Or get the Anthem - "someone" has lusted after one of those for years and with good reason. Or go a bit over your budget and get an Emotiva XPR-5 (that will dim the lights in your neighborhood...).

It's sooooo easy to get tied up about these things, isn't it? So just get the Emotiva (I'd suggest XPA 'cause) and get tunes back in your life and get your SO a treat with the difference!
I would try to track down some McCormack DNA amps. I just picked up an DNA-1 and it is a great piece. Sounds more like music than anything I have had before.....built like a tank and still sup0pored by the designer. The DNA-.5 amps are going for <$500 on EBay.
I would try to track down some McCormack DNA amps. I just picked up an DNA-1 and it is a great piece. Sounds more like music than anything I have had before.....built like a tank and still sup0pored by the designer. The DNA-.5 amps are going for <$500 on EBay.
Another vote for the XPA-5. No affiliation with Emotiva.
Clearly you're NOT a doctor as they refuse to trust anybody's I can only assume you're putting people in danger in some obscure 3rd world country. Otherwise, do as "Mr. Hosehead" suggested.
about to start my day, and some people might consider michigan 3rd word..

going to buy the emotiva…thanks for all the input…one of the biggest attraction is the 30 trial period…but also the reviews are fairly consistent..
Marantz multichannel amps have sounded good to me, certainly better than the Adcom, and good support. Rotel and NAD are both contenders as well. Check Audio Advisor as they are running specials. Magnolia carries Maramtz and they have a good AV preamp AV7005 if you do multichannel. Versatile as you can watch concerts or movies, good WAF.
Marantz may not be the Stryker or Zimmer in your field, but not far away and closer than the price would indicate.
O the sweet smell of cautery......Jallen
As a Doc my self (not a surgeon) I am kinda surprised that an orthopedic surgeon wouldn't have more money than that to spend on an HT amp. Given his/her predictable income then whatever costs a lot in HT (I don't follow HT so don't know) is what you should recommend. The Krell multi channel amp and pre/pro or does McIntosh make one, that's the kind of income were talking about. It would be a very quiet morning indeed that didn't yied multiples of $1750.
Sorry about exposing you bonesnjnts.
we all have to decide how we spend our money…no need to apologize…i just dont need the very best in audiovideo stuff…the fun is in the chase…

and i have 6 kids….

I recommend the Pioneer Elite receivers. The SC series, with the class D3 amps sound fantastic, and have gobs of power. Plus they have Airplay built-in. Kids will live that! I'm very happy with mine. You can buy them new in box on eBay for $1,500 or less. Get the best one you can afford, and it will last for a decade.

10-10-12: Bonesnjnts
and i have 6 kids….

If you'd like, I can explain to you what causes that !!!!!
Mechans, your post is one of the most presumptuous I`ve seen on this site in some time.Do you know him personally?
If it was tongue in cheek,my apology.
Get Music Directs Marantz AV-7005 its on sale currently for 1195.
instead of 1600.00. Even Michael Fremer likes it!!!
mechans, we've already spent too much time responding to that post, but thanks for the thought..

i just looked at your system, looks beautiful and im sure sounds just as fine...maybe youre a neurosurgeon?

No just an out of work clinical pathologist. Sorry if I was a little to edgy. Honesly for the $1750 you can go to almost any HT store and get a decent unit. If you want more than it will need more effort not just investment monetarily. That is why I initially said go to a store and they will tell you what to get.,
If I tried to convince you of what I like separates not HT and all tube you would be spending time away from your kids or patients not great alternatives.
I thought I posted this the other day, but it didn't work for some reason:

Wyred4Sound Mini MC 5x220 Class D amp is $2,000 (slightly over your budget but a hell of an amp). I happen to like Class D amps - especially for HT. They run cool and have lots of power and control. The W4S amp gets great reviews. I haven't listened to it, but I have a Bel Canto that is similar in design and reviews.

Another great option is an NAD Masters M25 amp on A'gon used for $1,799. 7x160 (and NAD watts are typically underrated). Retails for $3500.
Spend less on gear so you can afford a nanny, marriage counseling, and a move to CT where you can make more money.
Give the Mystere "ca11" a try. I bought one - small form factor for $1795. Push-pull design employing 6sn7 tubes.

ca11 Specifications

Freq. Response: 8Hz-200kHz @ 47k Ohms
Distortion: 0.05% @ 100mV, 0.12% @ 1V
Noise: -104dB A-weighted
Gain: 19dB
Input Impedance: 150k Ohms
Output Impedance: 592 Ohms
Dimensions: 12.6" x 7.8 " x 15.2" (WxHxD)
Weight: 33 lbs
Inputs: 4 pair RCA
Outputs: 1 pair RCA
Tube Compliment: 4 - 6SN7 & 1 - 5AR4
There's a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe Revision Gold currently up for sale that I would give very serious consideration. I have been using one for the past 15 years and have been very happy with it. It has been incredibly reliable, has great sound and sound staging and has been driving my Thiel 3.6's with ease. I actually think the seller is undervaluing the amp.
The McCormack is a great amp and the added advantage of having a great servicing and upgrading route via the original designer/builder @ SMcAudio.
okay..i bought the emotiva and set it up last night.

the center channel on my system is now dead..using a lexicon dc-1 as processor...when i switch the bal to nonbal on the amp, it shorts out the amp...when i run the diagnostic from the processor, the center is dead...maybe i need to post in a different thread now

I'd call the manufacturer and see if they can help you troubleshoot.
Yeah, step 1 should always be calling the manufacturer. They will be much more helpful than us on the threads.