Here's a mess for ya Part 1

WOW! analog,what a pita!I have a Oracle Delphi MKII with a Alphason HR-100S arm.My phono pre is a Creek OBH 9SE at fixed 65db gain.My cartridge is a Denon 103S .3mv MCI installed the 103S last night.I initially set the tracking force at 2.75gm as I was told the 103's sound better with force ~2.75gm.The recommended force is 1.5-1.75gm.I only eye balled the cartridge alignment as my protractor is not in yet.It looked right on. I set VTA as per recommendation and gave it a spin.First 20 seconds music,then silence.then music but very distorted with hum and a purr like sound during music.I lowered the tracking force to 1.5 with no change.I decided to call it a night.There will have to be a part 2 as I can only get so much here.(webtv)