Here's a good sounding Basia CD

Hi, Folks,
If you like Basia (Polish born vocalist, great pipes, sings sophisticated, samba-tinged pop music) I wanted to recommend a rather obscure recording I was lucky enough to stumble upon.

It's a 2011 live recording called "From Newport to London" on the eOne label. 15 live tracks plus 3 new studio recordings. Recorded in Lodz, Poland, of all places. Good sounding recording, great, tight band... a pleasure if you like this sort of thing.

I used to like her and have an old CD by her. I'll investigate this recording. Thanks
Thanks for the tip. Just last night I put on Time and Tide and was completely blown away....again. I have several but not that one. Thanks.
Huge Basia fan! Originally, she was part of a band called 'Matt Bianco', she later went off on her own. A few year's back she re-joined the band for another record (Matt's Mood, great record!) and tour. I was fortunate to have caught her and the band in Atlanta and they were smokin'!! If you enjoy Basia, check out Matt Bianco!
Another one you want to have is "Basia On Broadway." Great performances and good sonics, too. And her backup singers are amazing on that one!