Here is your Groovey-Lookin' Tube Amp

I can't believe it's that cheap. Jeez
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Cool find,
I just ordered 2 one for each of my systems.NOT.
It would be great to use for testing placebo effects in listeners if they don't know the cost.

And who knows, maybe it sounds ok (tho how you'd get a decent transformer for that price makes it unlikely).
The amplifier section on this unit is solid state...NOT TUBE!

Only the preamp section is tubed.

....nice try though.
No need for a transformers it's a hybrid, tube preamp stage SS amp stage. Probably class d though at that price but who knows 
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it still has a transformer...

if not that, then what do you think will degrade the SQ?
I have one, sounds fine to me. No problems with the unit. I was told swapping the tubes improves the sound quality, but haven't bothered. 

Didn't feel the unit was being promoted as a 25wpc full vacuum tube integrated for $125, so I knew what I was getting. (Not to mention the return policy.)

Never thought deeply about the cosmetics... 
"Listen to music like you care about it. "

I'm not sure if that's a plus or a warning. *LOL*

"HEY, this thing's gots tubes, so it's Got to be Good, Right?!"

Well, at least it's relatively inexpensive.  C'mon, someone buy it, flog it mercilessly.  Uncledemp, bud, give it a big push and tell us what it does with what you're having it push....curious minds await your review.

Cosmetics, shemetics....most tube amps flaunt their fire bottles audio phallic thing, IMHO...(Oh, stop....don't get all riled up over that...your amp(s) are Just Fine...*S*)

The 'local heretic' is intrigued....and feels you should be, too....;)
*L* Welcome to the New Age of Audio Mutants.
Tubes & SS...the Heretic is LMAO, because the Purists will freak. ;) 
I bought another similar model, a little smaller @ 8.5 wpc for my office. Streaming Tidal through my iPhone and playing through a pair of very small back horn-loaded single driver Fostex (BK-40H, from Madisound) on my desk. I find the sound warm, detailed, especially vocals, and unexpectedly engaging. Hardly any bass but that’s because the drivers are tiny. I must say I’m very pleasantly surprised.
I've used mine with Silverline Minuets and Infinite Slope stand mounts. 

There are several designs on the market combining a tube in preamp to a non tube amplifier section.
Wow... BluTooth Audio and tubes AND only .1% THD OH and only 4-16 R output impedance, YEA ... Holy Smokes, well at least it's super cheap, I wonder honestly how it compares to some of the cheaper Hybrid Tube amps like the Bravo's or even Little Dot's MK II...