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i just watched the dvd from daniel lanios here is what is and i am reminded of how influential he has been to music over the last twenty years or so as well as my own musical taste. i think he is the most under appreciated artist of my day and one who moves me more than most. from dylan, peter gabriel, the neville bros to u2 he has shaped some of the finest records and his solo works are classics in my collection. he has also spawned other great music makers from bill dillon, chris whiltley to malcolm burn. the film also highlights his synchronisisty with drummer brian blades. a bad dude with style, soul and groove unmatched as a drummer. i can remember playing acadie for the first time and being swept away...marveling at the unique, haunting soundscapes. this post is just a tribute and a recomendation to watch the dvd too...

It's good to see another Audiogon member who thinks so highly of Daniel. I have many of Daniel's LP's, including "Acadia," "For the Beauty of Winona," "Shine," and "Belladonna."

I also have LP's on which he's performed, engineered or produced. Some of my favorites are Bob Dylan ("Oh Mercy" & "Love Sick"), Harold Budd & Brian Eno, Emmylou Harris "Wrecking Ball," Chris Whitley "Dirt Floor," Peter Gabriel and Robbie Robinson.

I was never a fan of U2, who Daniel had great influence on. It's a rare exception to the rule as I will usually seek out and purchase anything Daniel has touched.
Ditto...'Acadia" pratically lives in my cd player and have watched the dvd at least 3 times straight through since purchace. How about other Brian Blade projects??
albert...i love all those and have most. i also am not a fan of u2 but respect the work.

mike...i just reserved two of brian blades solo works at the library so i will let you know. i think they lean more toward fusion. he is also a part of joni mitchells band through allot of her career. joni is another artist who i include in the list "soundtrack to my life". he is a session guy and on many many records.

You can hear brief selections from his group, "Brian Blade and the Fellowship" at AMG (All Music Guide).

After sampling all of his albums I preferred the one titled, "Season of Changes," 2008 on Verve. I just added it to my ship cue at
Funny how things work sometimes...went to a friends this weekend with who I trade and share a lot of music and asked him the same, and he immediatly produced all of the Fellowship band cds. His recommendation was the same as Albert's. So I listened to the 'Season of Changes' several times this weekend...will need to add it to the collection for sure.
appreciate the suggestions guys and i look forward to listening to the fellowship records.

watched it again sunday night with my wife and enjoyed it even more. soulful music.
you can also catch brian blades in the dvd from joni mitchel, painting with words and music along with mark isham, larry klein and greg leisz. great versions of allot of joni classics...amelia, hejira, magdelene laundaries, harrys house and a bunch more. good sound (5.1dd) and video although i think my copy is not 16:9...