Here is an interesting artist that's new to me, and I wanted to share his music.

Jon Batiste is a musician Rok just introduced me to. From the first notes he played, I knew he was from Louisiana, with out knowing anything else about him.

Here's his bio

This is the tune Rok submitted;

It was one I will eagerly add to my collection. I thought I would share this with other music lovers seeking new artists.

The first time I heard "Ode To Billy Joe", I was crossing a bridge in Mississippi in my brand new "Duece" (Electra 225), and I was sure it was the Tallahatchie Bridge, but since I was coming into Hattiesburg, as I discovered much later, that was not it.

I have never heard a version of this song I didn't like; I wonder if it's because I was so busy spending my misspent youth. I wish I could spend all over again?

Gene Harris can make anything sound good. For old time sake here is the original;

Rok, here's a tour of St. Louis, where I used to live, and loved it when I lived there 20 years ago; it's where I was born.


Orpheus, though Mathew  McConaughey is not from New Orleans, this is why so many local love this city. Even people that live in Louisiana but not  in New Orleans claim this city.
Saturday night I sat in my porch in this heat with a few neighbors drinking bourbon  and listening to music

Nikonola, you have answered many questions I had about New Orleans; like what makes it so different from any other city.

In every city I've ever been to, people "retreat" from one another; they build nice decks in the back for privacy. They even ignore the gun fire like in a war zone in the inner city. That gunfire is not people getting shot, but gangs warning other gangs not to come on their "turf"; it's kind of like animals peeing on trees.

I like the way people in New Orleans sit on the "front porch" where they can engage with one another; after all there's nothing they can do about the gigantic problems we are confronted with, might as well drink and be merry; that's what makes New Orleans so unique, and is one of the reasons why those who are born there prefer to stay there.