here in the UK

HI, i live in the UK, now we are out out of the EU, buying and selling was cheap, no extra tax's, no import tax , no vat, one big happy family,  so to speak, hifi is so expensive here, i have Spectral audio,, anyway now we have left the EU, what we want is the same conditions with the USA, because you are a massive country, you buy things in the 1000s, you get it cheap, I WANT THAT, i want to buy hifi at USA prices, + shipping, help me out, and many others,here , thanks ,, stay safe,,AND do not drink bleach, furk sake, 
Well yeah. And even better, we make all the best gear. Synergistic Research, Soundsmith, Tekton, Raven, Tetrault, Herron, to name just a few of the very best off the top of my head. So what are you looking for?
Sorry for the previous comment. Some members can be a bit snarky.👹

In any case, prices are what the market offers. And, remember you have a different voltage requirement, so what works here, won’t work on your power.
I would do a search on HifiShark, with the proper filters. With due diligence, you should be able to find equipment at the going price.
hi, after Spectral audio, DMA 4oo, mono's, used price, in england £40,000, ish, dont think they are that new in the usa, 
Snarky? Interesting. So what triggered that, I wonder? My actually offering to help the guy out? Or having the temerity to say we actually do have great gear here in the USA? Then again, could be just your garden variety MDS.

Sorry gdnrbob, but it appears you’ve jumped the snark.

@isochronism ,
Thanks. Unfortunately, considering how many times people have called him out on his posts, it won't change anything. I just wanted the OP to know there are others out there who want to help-without the attitude.