Here comes the solar maximum.

Should we worry ?
Will our equipment be safe? Do we need to take some precautions?
Did you freak out over Y2K also? :)
I did not. Is that relevant?
About as relevant as your query I would say. You are aware that this is not something new,right?
Please explain why we should be worried about solar storms?
I can see that if you're running certain types of gear you may have a concern. There have been solar storms historically which have been so violent that they caused telegraph machines to crackle, and when there is a CME with enough power a lot of damage can occur to the infrastructure. The telecommunications and energy provider industries seem to take the brunt of such solar events.

If you were not able to react quick enough and disconnect your devices you might lose a component related to internet\wireless operation; I can imagine a router or repeater getting fried. I have been told that a great deal of damage happens to such devices from solar events. It sounds like they are not terrifically robust, and can go bust easily.

Other than that I'm not sure that other audio gear would suffer permanent damage from it.
Just cover everything with a SPF of at least 45 and you should be okay.
I know a lot about solar storms, but not what I really want to know, which is the equipment risk and whether preventative measures are required. I did not consider them much before now but we are living in a different technological era with different atmospheric and possibly different magnetic conditions. Most of us have expensive gear and my investment is much larger than before, so I am hoping that someone who knows more than I do can add some light here. Thanks for the responses so far.
Thanks even to tpreaves and nonoise :)
It's much ado about nothing Mike. I'm serious guy, don't sweat it.
That's what I am hoping, Tpreaves. I am the first person to ignore paranoid press....but this is 'my precious' we are talking about ... :)
OMG... now here comes a transit by Venus.

What next?
If something like the Carrington Event were to happen today, I think you'd have much more than your audio equipment to worry about. But if there are any sort of infrastructure-damaging possibilities from the CME I haven't seen much in the way of preparation for it...I guess that means everything is under control.
"Carrington Event" just triggered a non-audio-related Google search, inspired by this site. Never thought Audiogon would expand my knowledge astronomically.
After reading the latest issue of National Geographic, I heard people speak of the "Carrington Event" in the deli line in my supermarket, a bar and now here.
Sounds like you get around, Dev...