Here comes the Oppo UDP-205 replacement....


With Oppo ceasing production of their highly revered players, I have been wondering for while as to who could possibly attempt to fill the mighty void. Well, the wait is over, here comes the Pioneer LX-800. I have owned few Pioneer players in the past and they always built high quality, full featured players.

I am sure some of you have seen the shameless price gauging on the last production run of UDP 203 or 205. That’s okay by me, I am not here to judge. 

I am looking forward to owning LX-800 in very near future. Also spoke to Dan Wright other day and he thinks Pioneer would be a worthy candidate for his tube mods. 

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Only 2 channel output using lower grade DAC, namely ES9026PRO.  And a lot more expensive then Oppo 205 with a list price of £2,200.
Still, a War, it’s nice to see any machine be available..   I would expect a price increase ove Oppo.  It needs to be Multichannel, though
You could include the latest from,Panasonic DP-UB9000 as a worthy replacement as well...
But the Pioneer Elite UDP LX800 player isn't available here in the US. It's currently available only in Asia, Europe and maybe Australia / NZ region. 
I posted this over on an OPPO thread:
It’s a step below the 800 and will go for just under $1100, so all is not lost if playing blu ray movies is your thing.

Come to think of it, it does look almost identical, if not so, to what the other markets will offer.

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