Herbies Ebony Domes w/db neutralizer?

Was wondering if any of you audiofreaks like me, have tried Herbies Ebony Domes W/db neutralizer under your speakers? i tried mapleshade brass footers and the sound became shrill! the highs were glaring...of course i live in new construction with bamboo floors (the homedepot kind). after much research, i tried herbies ebony domes w/db. the sound was lovely and sweet! i thought i could improve by adding maple bases...and once again $100 made my system glare? i don't know, maybe my speakers are to bright. i welcome your comments and for your reference, my system is as follows:
Wadia itransport, lite dac, VTL 2.5, VTL ST-85, Highly Moded THorens TD166 ii, and Snell Type D's from the 90's