Herbie's Audio Lab

Just heard from a dealer that Steve Herblein is out at Herbies.  Anyone know what happened?  He was always a really good guy to deal with.
Interesting, since he is the owner.
Why don't you contact him?
I suppose I could.  I ordered some product of his through a dealer and  I commented that I wasn't sure that they could get it because the website said they didn't have current stock.  The dealer responded that "the website isn't always up to date.  Steve Herblein isn't there anymore, so things don't run exactly the same as they have in the past.  They still make great products."
It was just an observation I made.  The dealer likes and continues to sell their products, and I always liked Steve.  I was just surprised to hear he was no longer there and wondered if anyone knew anything about it.
I don’t buy it, he has been active on AudioCircle and having a sale on the new website.
Bypass the dealer and order direct.

I read somewhere that his son has taken over the business and is not as customer oriented as Steve was.
The dealer wasn’t even saying anything negative. He was responding to a comment I made about an item being listed as out of stock on Herbie's website. When I ordered it from the dealer I thought he might have stock on-hand. It’s why I ordered it from him. His comment was in the context of ’just because it’s listed as out of stock on Herbie's site it might not be. Steve isn’t involved any more and the website info might not be as up-to-date as when he was.’

I just made the observation here that I was surprised to hear that Steve was no longer involved. That was the extent of it.
Steve has retired (I think semi-retired). I recently contacted him via an old email address to ask a question and he stated that his son Robert has taken over the day-to-day business.

They have a new, much improved website.
I ordered a couple of items and Robert seems to have things under control now. 

I recently made a purchase from Herbie's, and dealt with Robert who was very responsive when I had some questions.  Not only was he quick to reply, but his answers were very insightful and revealed he had a firm understanding of the underlying science and technology.    I think Herbie's is in good hands.
+1 re. Robert running the business and being responsive and helpful.
One of the few guys in audio that whatever Steve said I believe !