Herbie Hancock's "The River"

Remains one of the best produced cd's I've ever heard. Simply liquid and golden on a good system. His piano is a sphere around you.
Just a wonderful album to listen to for sure. I have this on my ipod which I always listen to on shuffle. Every time one of the songs from The River comes on I'm amazed at how good it sounds.
I even like the songs featuring Norah Jones.
Never heard it and love Herbie. Thanks for the plug. This will be my Christmas present to myself. Happy Holidays.
Haven't listened to it in some time...thanks for the reminder.
One of the CDs I keep coming back to. Has that rare combination of great music and recording. So many of the "Audiophile" labels, produce tedious music, unless they are re releases. Step forward Naim for example. You can pretty much forget everything but Antonio Forcione.
It deserves the Grammy for Best Album it won back in 2007.