Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage?

I just bought a copy at a used record store and it's numbered ST 46339. On the back cover it's dated 1997 and say's it's manufactured by Capitol. In the dead wax it says "Mastered by Capitol". Feels like 180g vinyl.
My friend says it's a digital master. I think it's analog. It sounds good to me so it really doesn't matter. I just want to know who's right me or my friend! Hopefully someone here knows.
I tried to google it but can't really find any info on this record.
If it sounds good what difference does it make? In any event, there are some very good vinyl albums that were taken from Digital masters - Pablo released a couple of Count Basie records in the early 80s this way. If its done well it may not make a difference. You could wind up overlooking a great record over an anti-digital bias.
One of the greatest jazz records ever, IMO.
its digital, but it sounds great....good find.
^cool, thanks! BTW, I said it sounded good to me. The question was to see who was right, me or my friend. I don't have an anti-digital bias. Can't all formats get along?
I owe my friend a beer. Guess I'll have one too.