Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage-Japanese pressings?

I've been looking for a new copy of this album and I was excited to see that Music Direct is selling a new reissue. Before purchasing I decided to check Elusive Disc and they have it too except the obi strip is completely different from the one on Music Direct's site.
Is there more than one reissue right now? The guys at each store don't know.
The one on Elusive Disc says "Alfred Lion" and has the Blue Note logo. The one on Music Direct is just Japanese writing.
Does anyone know the difference?
maybe just the obi...check the item numbers
^The one on Music Direct is numbered P-10799Y.
The one on Elusive Disc is TOJJ-6509 and I think it's Toshiba EMI.
I'm leaning toward the one on MD but would like to know more about the pressing.
the pressing date is generally somewhere on the obi. after speaking to a friend who's a blue note mini lp cd collector(he's got 99% of 'em), he believes they will be basically the same in quality, but thinks the md is the more rare(given that the obi appears to have no english on it, which would probably indicate an earlier version. good luck.
Would you be interested in an un-scratched 1998 copy, I think there's one at my local CD store. I bought one a while back it's was great. Let me know if you want it I would be glad to pick it up for for you!
^Thanks for the offer but I want an old Liberty pressing (an original is going to be way out of my price range)or a good new pressing.
The guys at Music Direct couldn't say what the source of this pressing was, digital or analog. All they said was it's a quiet pressing. I'm having a friend translate the obi.
The description for the one at Elusive Disc says it's sourced from Van Gelder tapes.