Herbie Hancock-Maiden Voyage

I really like the above recording by HH. It is one of my favorites. Are there other good HH recordings before he got, well weired with fusion?
Empyrean Isles is the one if you like Maiden Voyage although I like his "weired" stuff too.
the first 3 bluenote cd's or lp's are classic...every track.
Also check "My Point of View" on sale now at Music Direct for 10.99 for the cd.
Try "Speak Like a Child" and "The Prisoner" ... very good stuff. You also might like the lesser known "Inventions & Dimensions". One of his recent works is quite good: "Gershwin World" an eclectic collection of styles, vocals, jazz, and classical. Unlike "Maiden Voyage" - musically a very good piece - "Gershwin World" is very well recorded IMHO.
I just picked up the Cisco version of "Takin Off" which is a very early record, perhaps his first as a session leader. Dexter Gordon plays tenor and the rest of the lineup is great. I've had a copy of a 1980's reissue for a long time and loved it but the sound quality of the Cisco issue is awesome. Great brassy horns and very lively.
I also love Maiden Voyage, with Empyrean Isles being my 2nd fave. You may want to check out when he was with Miles Davis, as part of the 2nd Great Quintet. Stick with the earlier stuff from '64-'65. Live at the Plugged Nickel and Miles Smiles are both excellent. That's before they started expirementing with the fusion stuff.
another great album is "Hancock/Brecker/Hargrove - directions in Jazz", recorded in 2001 at Toronto's Massey Hall. It's basically a tribute to Miles and Coltrane...check out the review at http://www.vervemusicgroup.com/artist/releases/default.aspx?pid=10689&aid=2846
Do you not even like Headhunters or Thrust. I can appreciate Maiden Voyage and records like these. It really is great if you give it a chance. Also one of the few SACD's I have that make good/inventive use of the surround format.
I agree with Synthfreek. Herbie's "funk faze" is not to be missed.
I also love Maiden Voyage, nearly as much as KoB. It's one of those records I've been playing forever and it's gotten into my DNA. You might like Hancock's VSOP:Live Under The Sky, which features the same band but substitute Wayne Shorter for George Coleman.

A real blow to me when HH became a Bose spokesman.
Thank you all for your input. I have listened to some of his fusion (not much though) which did not appeal to me, that does not mean I would dismiss all of it. In general, I am not a fan of fusion. I have no idea of the chronology of his recordings, simply that I enjoy Maiden Voyage. MV was suggested to me some time ago when I first started enjoying jazz. I just have not explored HH much further. Jaybo, if you would be so kind as to give me his first three Blue Note recordings I will check them out. I assume MV is numero uno per it's title and is included in the first three Blue Notes. All of your insights and suggestions are much appreciated.
http://www.allmusic.com/ is your friend.
Second the suggestion of "Takin' Off". I believe it is his first session as leader and the rest of lineup is gold. I have a bluenote reissue that sounds great. My favorite HH record. I would also give "Headhunters" a listen. More fusion than "Maiden Voyage" but not all that far out and very good to my ears. You might enjoy Horace Silver or Bud Powell as well . . .