Henry Kloss Model 1 Radio by Tivoli

For $100. via Audio Advisor this is a well built and excellent sounding radio. About 10"W, 5"H, and 6" deep it is easy to place, and with solid walnut (I think) sides, top, and bottom it is also easy to look at. The look is "retro" and is a modern version of H. Kloss' original Model 1. The sound character is mellow and non-fatiguing with amazing bass for a "little" radio. Simple to operate, it can be used anywhere there is a current bush. I have it next to my recliner, and am starting to use it instead of TV. It would work well in a garage, but I don't think I could bring myself to take mine out there. Highly Recommended. Note: I have NO connection with the Company or sales. Cheers. Craig.
I sold the original Kloss radio in the late 60's, the walnut case and what we sales people called the "fried egg" dial was endearing. The sound, although not the Hi Fi rage, was as you state, non fatiguing, and very pleasant to listen to for hours on end. We sold a lot of them, along with the KLH speakers he designed as well. I have no doubt that you are enjoying it, especially if it sounds like the original. (In other words, forget the Bose wave).
I bought one a few months ago,it's okay. Would I do it over again.......nah.
I have looked at this model as well for the bedroom. I used to own a KLH Model Twenty-One radio that was very nice for the jazz and classical stations, is this similar to the Model One, Albert? This model was also produced in the 60's. If it sounds as good as the one that I owned then I would be happy with it. My wife sold my old one on Ebay during a selling binge (for a whopping amount) as I had not used it for many years and had actually forgotten that I had it until it was discovered in a closet. Now I wish that I had another one as I do not want a stereo "system" in the main bedroom.
Can anyone comment as to the quality of the AM section? Also, does this radio use a wall wart power supply?
For not much more than $100, get a used Proton P300 AM/FM radio. This thing is built like a tank, has bi-amped woofer (25 watts!) and tweeter, digital freq. readout and an input for CD, etc!
The AM section is super, and on FM the low end is unbelievable. If you want to go stereo, there is a companion powered speaker, the P301.
Check ebay, both units pop up occasionally.
Duke; The Model does not use a wall wart power supply. It uses a standard size (small) AC cord that is replaceable (a nice touch). I checked out the AM section and it is just as good as the FM, although I don't have much in the way of AM stations to choose from. The width of this radio is actually about 8" rather than the 10" noted in the thread. Again, its virtues: (1) good, nonfatiguing sound (2) small size, and (3) nice looks. In the last 40 years, I've owned many cheap radios-- they sounded cheap, tinny, electronic, and fatiguing. The Model One sounds good. It also has a 75 ohm antenna connection, Aux. in, headphone out, rec. out, and can be run on 12 volt DC (you need your own power supply and cord though). One last thing, this radio is not meant as a replacement for a multi kilo-buck stereo system, but it's found a place in our house. Cheers, Craig.
.......I've been trying to describe the sound of this radio, and "tubey" is the best I can come up with.
Garfish: Thanks for the info. Sounds like it's what I need. Certainly it brings back memories of my old KLH Model 18 fm tuner from 1970.
i have a general electric superadio ll - kinda ugly thing, bur not-half-bad mono sound, & about the best sensitivity of *any* radio, i've seen, including the spendy audiophile tunas...
Hi Dug; I also have the G.E. Super Radio II and agree with your observations about it. At $50. (is that right?), it's an excellent buy. I've found sensitivity to be excellent also, and use it for radio only PAC 10 football games. For music, I think I like the Kloss M-1 better, but the G.E. is portable and more sensitive. The G.E. is also non-fatiguing, and is a fair comparison to the Kloss-- IMHO. Craig.